Music Theory Classes in Toronto

Music Theory Classes in Toronto

Theory instruction helps students to more fully understand the music they are playing. Music theory classes are recommended for students of any age in Royal Conservatory of Music Preparatory Level B and above.

These studies prepare students for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations which are required for piano certificates in Level 5 and above and provide certification for Royal Conservatory of Music Levels 7 (Grade 11) and 8 (Grade 12) Secondary School credits.

We are offering group, private and semi-private theory classes. We welcome transfer students and have worked with many of them and enabled them to achieve the theory co-requisites for their Secondary School Royal Conservatory of Music credits.

We prepare students for the following examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music:


Preparatory Theory – Level 4 Theory (no examination)
Level 5 Theory (one examination)
Level 6 Theory (one examination)
Level 7 Theory (one examination)
Level 8 Theory (one examination)

Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis

Level 9 Harmony
Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint
ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint
ARCT Analysis


Level 9 History
Level 10 History
ARCT History

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