Music Lessons in Toronto

Piano Lessons in Toronto

Kids’ Piano Lessons

From the very first piano lesson, students will be playing pieces they enjoy.
As students progress, they can learn easy Christmas carols, 5-finger editions of most Disney songs such as from “The Lion King.”

Music Theory Class in Toronto

Music Theory Classes

Theory instruction helps student to more fully understand the music they are playing. Theory classes are recommended for students of any age in Royal Conservatory of Music Level 1 Piano and above.

Singing Lessons in Toronto

Singing Lessons

Whether you are singing in a choir or the shower, wanting to have a good sound for karaoke, auditioning for musical theatre roles, or just for the pure love of singing, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Drum Lessons in Toronto

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are now available as in-home sessions in the East York, North Toronto and North York Area, or at the Leaside Presbyterian Church on Saturdays.

Ukulele Lessons in Toronto

Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele makes an excellent instrument for beginners and many find it easy to learn. Due to its manageable size, it’s a great choice among instruments for small children.

Guitar Lessons in Toronto

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are tailored to meet students wherever they are in their musical journey. Beginners learn essentials including basic chords, melodies and rhythm.

Adult Private Piano Lessons in Toronto

Adult Piano Lessons

We have taught a wide range of adult students: a retired gentleman, young moms, lonely hearts, salespeople, an aspiring singer, professionals, etc. The list also includes parents who started piano lessons after they saw the fun their own kids were having in their lessons.

Violin & Viola Lessons in Toronto

Violin & Viola Lessons

The violin and viola appear in nearly every musical genre, including jazz, rock and pop, and folk. Private, in-home lessons are available in East York, North Toronto and North York.

Cello Lessons

The cello is often a crucial part of an ensemble, orchestra or band, but is also excellent in solo performance. Cello instruction is available as private, in-home lessons in the East York, North Toronto and North York, or at the Leaside Presbyterian Church.


Welcome to Upbeat Piano Studio! Learn and enjoy music lessons. The studio motto is “Enriching lives through music.”

Our teachers approach teaching with the goal of complete musicianship, taught in a step-by-step approach, using popular beginner methods and the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. Students also learn to play popular and seasonal music of their choice. We deal with each student as an individual and help them to achieve their own goals. We encourage parents and students to communicate openly with us about their goals and repertoire choices.

A basic five-subject course includes: compositions, technique, ear training, sight reading and theory. We insist that students complete regular practice between lessons to maximize the value of their lessons and so that they make sufficient progress to keep them interested and motivated. Theory instruction helps students to understand what they are playing and to make music accessible to them.


Music lessons Toronto



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